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Design & Consultation

MANAco. has a technical department made up of experts to make your projects come true. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, our technicians provide the estimation and quotation accordingly. The shop drawings, modulation study, and 3D modeling in AutoCAD will be developed after the accurate measurements (3D Scanning) and appropriate design will be recommended based on the characteristics of the project.

Project of a house in 3d sketch
Laser scanning technologies and  3D building modeling

3D Façade Scanning

MANAco. offers a new facade scanning system, which can considerably elevate surveying accuracy, allows the mapping of buildings for subsequent direct work in construction programs. The data collected by the laser scanner is geometrically correct and provides a very clear image of the object being measured. Data analysis is automated and easily imported into CAD systems programs.

Fabrication & Customization

Fabrication Aluminum panels are in accordance with specifications and approved shop drawings of the Design department. Our fabrication includes CNC routing, Laser cutting, Cutting, Bending, Punching, Notching, and Assembly. Our QC team will inspect the finished panels for defects and ensure that everything was completed to the original specifications.

CNC machine shop with lathes, technicians and workers

Product Delivery & Installation

The installation of aluminum composite panels should be firm and reliable. As important it is to use good quality material for construction, it is even important to install it the right way. Aluminum Composite Panels have an extremely clean finish and impressive coatings, usually are used and fixed vertically or horizontally. For crucial applications, it is important to ensure that while installing metal composite panels that the side underlap and overlap of the panels are correctly sequenced to enable the panels to sit together
without forming a gap in the joint. Following the correct installation process and sequence, we minimize the gaps and ensure a robust watertight joint.

We believe the quality of detailing defines the success of the installation system. That is why It is very important for us that all details are well designed, produced, and installed.

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